Tor is not for watching TV

( I write this being dazed by the death of Aaron Swartz )

Tor is not for watching TV.  –  Eight months ago I used for a while a payed VPN service to watch British TV.
It was fun. Now I was interested in how Tor works, in general and for the case I would really need it, not for watching TV. – But, again, it ended up in trying to watch TV, stupid.
After I got Tor basically work I thought hm.. what's next.
I switched the blocking of Flash video off, gave the session a British IP and tried to receive BBC TV Channels (knowing the stream would be too slow).
Tor is a serious statement for privacy and open access. But what I was doing is: "I don't care. I want to be entertained." .. People are weak.

/Applications/  (OS X)

In the torrc file I added this:

StrictExitNodes 1
ExitNodes {gb}

left: The little illustration I made 2011 based on the famous YouTube video is about ostentatious coolness (right half) and depression /hopelessness (left half).

For 'information offices' or prosecutors privacy is an enemy. But they do not have people like me in focus who post pointless things about Tor or who are watching TV. They only care about capable people.
They know the capable are the more sensitive human beings, more vulnerable than others and can probably be destroyed only by words. The FBI e.g. is trained in that.

Likely the only facts that are certain:

  1. A human being is weak.
  2. The best chance not to get roped into focus of prosecutors ( as it happend to Aaron Swartz ) is to stay as what we are wanted to be. ( Shepard Fairey calls it: OBEY ! )
  3. We all are in slavery.

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