I migrated to a new domain

This short article is not about technical aspects but reasons

No one changes the own domain name if it's evitable. Because (among others)

Nonetheless I did it. – I have to apologize and to ask my readers to update links and bookmarks. (All pages are still there, some are renamed.)
I switched from Host Europe (formerly British) to an European hoster and at the same time I switched from www.hashsign.co.uk  to

Here are the new paths to the most popular pages of my website:

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When I decided 10 years ago to use the UK top-level domain I thought it's cool (I'm actually not British).
Clearly, my situation being exposed to illegal surveillance doesn't change at all with my decision (the German services are completely subservient to the NSA system).

— Today the practical question for me is:  Will I notice my legal situation changes with the migration? The server on wich my data live will no longer be under UK / US law (where freedom of speech is more natural). The German secret internet regulators (you know, their traditional name is 'Obrigkeit') have all chances now to make my content invisible to the internet. The funny part is, my new hoster counts the web traffic of my content every month to exactly 1.25GB. So I don't have to ask myself: Why is it zero? Nice.

— I can't help it. I couldn't identify with the old domain name (from the New British Empire) anymore, much less with GoDaddy of TrumpLand.

Perhaps it's more an emigration than a migration (from one hell into the next).

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