1914 - 2014 . north america's wars in europe

John Kornblum's deceptions about the Ukraine conflict. –  The historical guilt of the Adenauer Foundation. –  The happily defused tinderbox of the Crimean peninsula.  –  The final splitting of Europe under the rule of a strategic think tank.

surveillance state

the light of being human

The origins of my design "Joe the Eyelethead".
The algorithm is the new God of our time, the algorithm that predicts and manipulates the peoples' thoughts, that adjusts any opinion and any social behaviour.

stefanie schneider

stefanie schneider – gone with the retro filter

I'm afraid I've lost one of my last hopes lightness of being could exist in art. I like Stefanie Schneider's photographs and its narrative style for many years. It is consecutive she performs experiments with short film now ..

heaven s fitters

big bang  —  today's physics in deadlock

EINSTEIN WAS WRONG. BUT TODAY'S ASTROPHYSICISTS FLOP No one can conceive where time comes from and what time really is. – Makes it any sense to come up with the idea there must be an energy that drives scaling of space forward?


coastline in sunglint

In 2008 I built a 3D globe model (pure vector, no image mapping). The rendered image shows up Denmark, Skagerrak and in the background Scotland.
The Earth Observatory IOTD from February 25. ...

space scaling

not dark yet  (on dark energy)

Is it really enough to take distance measurements of supernovae or to deduce the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud  to claim: "That's the key to unerstand expansion of the universe." ?  – My skeptical first questioning (a draft).


tor is not for watching tv

Eight months ago I used for a while a payed VPN service to watch British TV. Now I was interested in how Tor works, in general and for the case I would really need it, not for watching TV. – But it ended up in trying just that.


how I do bookmarking and note taking

My favorite tool makes use of the filtering system of OS X  (Smart Folders) for filtering the notes/ bookmarks by tags, text strings, by excluding individual tags (boolean) etc. ..
Very fast, very neat, most indispensable.

eff logo

what is the english word for netzpolitik?

The Guardian and Wired use derogatory naming as web pages' category: 'Hacking' resp. 'Threatlevel'.
Ars Technica calls it 'Civilization and Its Discontents' – sounds intellectual but intends downplaying rather...


cad software:  nx and modo

In the final result "3D" is either about engineering or about lighting, shadows, surface texture and perspective projection .. –  not what I want.  This blog post tells (beside listing CAD software) how I got loose from CAD.