My 3d deadlock

Wide brush strokes on canvas, placed freely and decorative -- that can be art and it avoids the third dimension.
I don't know why I was so fascinated with computer-generated 3D and with exact parametric shapes. In the decade 1995-2005 it was simply new and exciting. -- After that decade 3D started to become trivial.
2008/ 2009 I tried to preserve some 3D aspects in my graphical work and to turn the 3D shapes into decorative plane structures. But in the end 3D was a deadlock.

The Well

"The Well", poster,  2009,  screen print
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The Well, etching

"The Well",  2009,  pigment-based inkjet print
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"Selfdetermination",  2008,  pigment-based inkjet print

The Well, rendering

"The Well",  2009,  rendering / proportion trial

"Surface",  2008,  animation


 "88 Years of Dada",  2009,  digital collage
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