foreign. strange. alien.

Three of my graphical works (I like the most) from 30 years ago

The complete collection of my eary works can be visited and is called
›› stumm Biography.


Initiation,  1979,
watercolor, coloured pencils and white ink on brown paper


Life,  photograph  1978,
digitally processed 2001


Walls,  1989,
dry-point etching

The graphic print 'Walls' (on the fall of the Berlin Wall) is retrospectively dedicated to my brother

Wolfgang  (1951 - 1993).
His heart ceased to beat mainly by feeling strange on earth.

Plötzlich gingen die Wände... Ein Wald von Eichen flog herein..., aber ich sank: der Felsen war weich wie ein Stück Tuch, gab nach, senkte sich mit mir, dem Klammernden, dem Abgrund zu.
— Robert Walser —