Brush strokes, finally

Two Sculptures

"Two Sculptures in the Art Gallery",  2011,  pigment-based inkjet print

It wasn't until month later that I realised Photoshop builds its brush strokes just the same way from little circles inside the strokes structure. — I invented for myself this basic principle of digital paint strokes (in Illustrator) before I learned the insides of Photoshop.

The strokes became technically my trademark (besides other questions of style).  After 15 years of depending on the appearance of prefabricated digital tools (from Illustrator gradients to 3D render effects etc.) I had finally something I could consider my own thing – no matter the principle already exists invisibly in some graphical tools. I made it exposedly visible and big and I made it a recognizable part of my work.
The intention and the appearance of the strokes are the reason why I call my works paintings although they are technically prints and are made by using a stylus on a graphics tablet.

Prayer in the Adventure Park

Draft for "Prayer in the Adventure Park",  2011,  pigment-based inkjet print

Two Trees at Sunrise

"Algebra, Sunrise (Triangle, Rectangle, Alpha and Omega)",
 2011,  pigment-based inkjet print