Abundance and sobriety

The difference between effort and art

Set of Chairs

"Set of Chairs", first version,  2007
pigment-based inkjet print

Set of Chairs

second version,  2007

The subject of the three prints (from 1995 resp. 2007) is abundance and sobriety. – But for me the prints are more about the difference between effort and art.

The comparison was a harsh disappointment. "Cutty Stool" was my first (within five minutes made) drawing on a computer (after a few test strokes with Photoshop).
It took a decade for me from the first use of a computer to extended knowledge in 3d modeling and imaging. [1]  "Set of Chairs" was the first large-format rendering I made. – The print looked the better the more I reduced (or even removed) the 3d properties in the final image:  surface texture, color gradients, perspective view, light effects, high-resolution etc.

Sad. It had cost a decade – for nothing.

cutty stool

"Cutty Stool",  1995,  screen print

[1]  At the same time I had to work for the money at building sites.